Sunday, August 1, 2010

2nd SGM: Coping With Breastfeeding & Pregnancy During Ramadhan

This is our 2nd Breastfeeding Support Group Meeting being held at Moms Basic. The topic was: Coping with Pregnancy & Breastfeeding During Ramadhan. We were divided into 2 groups with each group being given different sub-topics to be discussed on.

This is Group #1, sharing and discussing on "Concerns & Worries".

Some of the main worries & concerns:
  1. Low milk supply
  2. Tiredness
  3. Anxiety
  4. Low appetite during sahur

Group #2, discussing on "Facts, Ideas & Tips to Tackle the Issue". Let's see what have they got:
  1. Positive thinking & self-affirmation
  2. Pumping & Feeding Session -- Frequency, tandem nursing, variations in expressing technique.
  3. Varieties & Creativity on menu for Sahur & Berbuka
  4. Health supplement & milk booster

Mini presentation from both groups.

A more detailed discussion can be found here.

It was really sweet to have all mommies attending our 2nd SGM. Even though its not a big crowd, perhaps smaller group had brought mommies closer and the issue could be discussed deeper. Hope to see you in our next SGM after hari raya InsyaAllah.. :)


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